Created ראשון 15 מרץ 2015

Top — process monitoring

VmStat — virtual memory statistics

Lsof — list open files

Tcpdump — network packet analyzer
tcpdump -i eth0

Netstat — network statistics
netstat -a | less

Htop — process monitoring

Iotop — monitor disk I/O

Iostat — I/O statistics

IPTraf — real time OP LAN monitoring

Psacct or Acct — monitor user activity

Monit — process and services monitoring

NetHogs — monitor per process network bandwidth

iftop — network bandwidth monitoring

Monitorix — system and network monitoring

Arpwatch — ethernet activity monitor

Suricata — network security monitoring

VnStat PHP — monitoring network bandwidth

Nagios — network/server monitoring

Nmon — monitor performance

Collectl — all-in-one performance monitoring

Glances — real time system monitoring

Sarg — Squid bandwidth monitoring

Apache status monitoring

Monit — process and services monitoring

Sysstat — all-in-one system performance monitoring

Icinga — next gen server monitoring

Observium — network management and monitoring

Web VMStat — system statistics monitoring

PHP server monitoring

Linux dash — linux server performance monitoring

Cacti — network and system monitoring

Munin — network monitoring

Wireshark — network protocol analyzer