1. Keys

Created Monday 02 December 2013

C-x C-cend the Emacs session C-gquit a partially entered command or stop C-vview next screen M-vmove backwards one screen C-lclear screen and redisplay all the text, moving the text around the cursor to the center of the screen C-pprevious line C-nnext line C-bbackward C-fforward M-bbackward a word M-fforward a word C-ato the beginning of a line C-eto the end of line M-ato the beginning of a sentence M-eto the end of sentence M -<to the beginnig of the whole text M->to the end of whole text C-u 8 C-fmove forward 8 chars C-u 8 C-vscroll the screen by 8 lines C-x 1kill all other windows <DEL>backspace C-ddelete char after cursor M-<DEL>kill word before cursor M-dkill word after cursor C-kkill from cursor to EOL M-kkill to end of sentence C-<SPC>highlight C-x hhighlight all C-wkill highlighted text C-yyank killed text M-yreplace yanked text with previous kill C-/undo C-_undo C-x uundo C-x C-ffind/create a file C-x C-ssave file C-x C-m fchange saving enconding C-h Cshow current encoding C-u C-x =char's encoding C-x C-vfind alternate file C-x C-blist buffers C-x bswitch to buffer name C-x ssave buffers recursively C-zexit Emacs but save the session C-h mdocumentation on current major mode C-sforward search C-rreverse search M-x replace-stringreplace everything after cursor M-%replace in highlighted C-q C-jadd line for replacement M-ctoggle case sensitivity in search C-x 2split screen horizontally C-M-vscroll other window C-x omove cursor to other window C-x 3split screen vertically C-x 4 C-fopen file in bottom window C-x 5 C-fopen file in other frame M-x make-frame/M-x delete-framemake/delete frame <ESC><ESC><ESC>all-purpose “get out” command C-q TABuse TAB C-x dinvoke dired C-x 4 dinvoke dired in another window C-x 5 dinvoke dired in another frame qquit dired M-s f C-sforward search in dired M-s f M-C-sforward regex search in dired gupdate contents of dired stoggle alphabetical and date/time order C-x C-qtoggle writable Wdired C-c C-capply changes and switch to dired mmark M-! touch filenamecreate a file through shell
C-x C-f /protocol:user@host#port:directory/fileconnect with protocol
M-x linum-modeshow line numbers C-q C-jnew line C-x 8 <RET>insert char